Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well it wasn't a great night, think I had about 2 hours sleep and 4 hours of dozing.  Had just got into a good deep sleep when I was woken up for breakfast.  Woke up with such a shock that I nearly pulled the pipes out the drip.  The elderly gent in the bed opposite decided he needed to shave at about 2:00 am and carried on using his electric razor until 3:00.  He was on a quest to get up early I suppose. 

Onto my last 2 drip bags now, sodium chloride and potassium.  Went up at 8:30 am and will last 12 hours, so if all goes well I will be back in my own bed tonight!  Going to ge ton and sign up to adsense now, see if we can get this blog to generate some money.

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