Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Not a good day

The nausea levels are up.  The food is awful and my blood pressure is up. Only got about 6 hours sleep because of the drip changes and other disturbances.  So all in all a pretty crap day so far.  Just had a doctor round who wants to change my blood pressure medication to see if they can get my blood pressure down to normal levels.  I am already on the full wack of anti-nausea medication, so I have to just grin and bear it.  The doctor tells me it will get worse as the chemo cycles go on.   This is the first time I have felt down about it.  Hopefully I will get out of here tomorrow and the joy and comfort of my own home, getting my blackberry sorted and having the Lucky dog visit for the weekend will cheer me up.  Lucky is the coolest dog in the world.  Cant find any pictures of him on the netbook and can't connect the blackberry to get one off of it.  So you just need to imagine white and dark brown corgi who is just cool.


  1. "Cooler" than kevin ?? . Hope you start feeling a little bit better . Ill being round some choclate for you x

  2. Much cooler than Kevin. If someone shone a red laser on the floor in front of Lucky he would say "Why the hell would anyone want to chase that?" He would then close one eye and go back to sleep.