Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fantastic Day

Cheered up a huge amount. You wouldn't believe how a few simple things like good friends, family and a bowel movement can change your mood.

Simon sorted out the Polo suspension for me, against all odds. Everything was seized or broken, but it is up and running now. My brother and Lesley turned up for lunch and a chat, with an Olney hats green felt crushable Fedora to keep the sun and rain off when my hair all falls out. I had a lengthy txt conversation with my nephew, Josh, and my bowels are back to normalish after all the chemo drugs. Don't worry Josh, no connection between you and my bowels.

Managed to keep going all day, feeling it now, hopefully I will sleep through the night.

So, thanks Simon for your time and expertise, thanks Norman for the hat (and being there) and thanks to everyone else for the support and love in what are hard times for us here.
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