Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's Working!!!!

Had a great day today. I decided I definitely needed to do something interesting before going back into hospital for 3 days to start cycle 2 of the chemotherapy.  So Lauren, Sharon, Ian and I went to the Retrorides gathering at Prescott Hill Climb near Cheltenham.  For the petrolheads reading, the pictures are HERE.   I walked too far and I am very tired now, but it was worth it.

Anyway, I called this post It's Working, so why?  Well as I was walking up Prescott hill enjoying the sound of the 12 cylinder, 24 Litre Napier Bentley I noticed my hair and beard starting to fall out.  My T shirt was covered in grey beard hair and when I wiped the sweat from my head I got a handful of hair (stop laughing, I still have hair round the edge, or had at least).  So that means the chemotherapy is doing what it should be doing, my white blood cell count dropped during the cycle, my hair is falling out, lets hope it is killing off all the cancer cells too.

Picture of the day has to be this one of the Napier-Bentley getting off the line.

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