Friday, 3 August 2012

Not good this morning

Sore throat, bit clamy. Have spoken to Triage nurse, John.

Graham explained symptoms, John said "What mouthwash were you sent home with?"
Graham "None"
John "Get some Difflam from your local pharmacy"

Trip to Sainsbury's, Difflam applied, now off to have blood taken.

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  1. My dear chap

    As someone who did the big C I can thoroughly recommend your positive approach - be yourself and kill it with humour.

    Andy Clark

    PS: only found your blog because it had the word fetish in it ;-)

    1. My extensive research around others who know the Big C tells me normality and positivity are the way forward. Do what your body tells you during chemotherapy, fresh fruit and lots of water help fight bacteria and infection. Any other tips Mr C? I will give you a call in the week.

    2. I knew that putting the word fetish in it would attract some attention. BDSM RUBBER LEATHER WHIP, there that will get a few more. Follow 50 Sheds of Grey on Twitter (yes sheds not shades)