Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Had a couple of hours kip on the sofa this afternoon as well as a lie in.  Woke up very worried in case I had missed the phone call I was promised yesterday from the day care unit and the district nurse, haven't missed either as far as I can tell.

Yesterday a nurse in the day care unit promised to contact the district nurse for me and let me know that she had done it first thing this morning.  I need blood taking on Friday before the next dose of chemo on Monday.  The doctor's surgery can only do that by sticking a needle in me, the district nurse is trained to use the PICC line I have inserted in my arm. That makes it easier for all.  However, the nurse that promised to do it, didn't have the demeanor of a person who would do it, if you know what I mean, so I guess I spend some time on the phone in the morning chasing it up.

How do they make health and safety work in hospitals?  I don't want to get all health and safety conscious, but I am intrigued.  Every large organisation I have visited for work in the past couple of years is expected to know who is in the building and where they are.  I have been given visitor badges with evacuation instructions and asked to sign papers that document my knowledge of safe working.  I have been in four different hospitals in the past couple of months and never been required to do anything of the sort!  What happens in the hospital when there is a fire?  Simple stuff, like where the loo is has never been explained to me let alone what to do in case of fire.  Are they exempt?  Any readers know?

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