Saturday, 18 August 2012

This could be the end of the world!


How will I survive 3 days in hospital without my Blackberry??  Fortunately the BT WiFi works well, so I will have to resort to the Netbook and WiFi.  The blackberry keeps popping up a blank white screen, started occasionally a couple of days ago, but now it is every time I do anything.  How do they design them so that they break just after your Orange upgrade is due?   I have been on to orange today and a shiny new Blackberry 9360 will be with me on Thursday, at no charge and on the same terms as my existing contract except I loose my 300 loyalty minutes that I knew I would loose anyway, they already tried to take them away once.

Anyway, fairly quiet day today, spent a while on the Orange website looking at options and then did the upgrade, other than that I have been out with Lauren this morning and done very little this afternoon.  Planning to have a day out tomorrow before I am back in for a big dose of Chemo on Monday.  Not looking forward to 3 days of hospital food, will take some of my own supplies with me this time.  Do you think it will be OK to take a CampingGaz cooker and some saucepans? 


  1. Probably not unless you parked the LR in the car park and went out there to sleep too!

  2. I won't get to sleep Penny, 48 hours f chemotherapy involves a drip change every 4 hours or so and I will be sharing a ward with who knows who.