Saturday, 4 August 2012

Just realised

I haven't posted an update today. Just self administered my Ratiograstim injection. 3rd one I have done, getting a bit cocky, did it too quick and it stung like hell. They did warn me to squeeze gently.

Just had some great help and advice from the triage nurse on oncology. I was confused by the pharmacy instructions on the anti-sickness drugs. She has clarified everything and told me to practice excellent oral hygiene to get rid of the sore throat.

Popped out to see my mum and browse a couple of car hi fi shops. Looking for 3.5" speakers to pop in the Polobanger dash. Have acquired a fabulous Sony head unit but my speakers are 18 years old and knackered. Don't want to cut the door panels or parcel shelf, so looking for 3.5"s that will fit.

Reason for telling you that drivvle, it's normality, saturday afternoon shopping. Normality is good. First time I have been out on my own in the car since last Sunday. I like normality, it feels good.
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