Thursday, 30 August 2012

Quiet few days

Haven't posted since Monday.  Have been having a quiet few days.  I've been very tired and lacking the enthusiasm to do anything.  So I've slept a lot and not done much.

I did go to see my GP on Tuesday.  She gave me a great explanation of how the anti-nausea drugs work.  Basically one of them is neurological and stops me thinking I will be sick, the other works in my stomach and stops me from being sick.  If it's really bad take both, if it's marginal just take the physical one.  Much happier now.

She also agreed with me on the blood pressure problem.  The chemo drugs put my blood pressure up, the steroids that go with the chemo put my blood pressure up and the over hydration from the drips put my blood pressure up.  So we are sticking with the increased dose of Lisinopril, that brings my blood pressure down.  She also suggested I get my own blood pressure machine and for £20 I got one from Argos that is the same as the one she has on her desk.  I need to get a reasonable understanding of what my normal blood pressure is so we can decide if the dose needs to stay  as high after the chemo finishes.  So Iam not going mad, but measuring a couple of times a day.

Haven't done much else.  Concentrating is really difficult, so cant do anything difficult anyway.  Hopefully sleep and rest will clean the system out and I will feel better next week before round 3.   Waiting to hear about another heart echo scan, so that will probably take up a day next week.

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