Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Happier today

Much better nights sleep, anti-nausea drugs doing a slightly better job.  Managed to eat some breakfast and drink some coffee.  Been through my emails/facebook/twitter and want to say thanks to everyone for the support yesterday.  Really missing my blackberry, new one is scheduled for delivery Friday. 

All going to schedule, I should be out of here by 6:30 this evening, back in my own home with Sharon.  Your own bed and a good hug can make so much difference.  Planning to spend a chunk of Thursday on the sofa with Sharon and Luckydog.  That should refill the happy reservoir.

Lauren and Ian are having a great time in Cornwall.  I really love the fact that they enjoy the simple things as well as the sophisticated.  Yesterday they went walking on the beach in the rain, rock pooling, Ian caught some fish, and then had dinner on a terrace overlooking Trevaunce Cove.  Cornwall is going on the flipchart of things to do when Chemo/Radio therapy is over and I am well again.


  1. Lauren suggested I need to go surfing again in Cornwall. I think I am getting a bit old for it, what do you lot think?

  2. Haha defiently not to old Graham . People would pay good money to see that xx

  3. Never to old.... always worth a go. So glad you're feeling better to you all xxx