Friday, 10 August 2012

Really weird this Chemo.

I was up bright and early on a glorious sunny day.  Next door's chickens set of  an alarm cluck about 6:30 am.  Got a txt from Martine saying they were on their way to the ferry in Poole and would call in for coffee about 9:00, so I showered and got going.

Was great to see Martine, Chris and Frazer.  Martine had Lymphoma a while ago and has been through the whole, operation, chemo, radiotherapy thing.  Her kickass attitude to it all is inspring and just what I needed this morning.  Which set me off at full pelt.  Soon after they left, the District nurse turned up to take blood and change the dressing on my PICC line.  Very efficient, nice girl.  She is coming every Friday now, so Monday it is VinChristine and Friday will be The District Nurse.  Whilst the District Nurse was here the postman delivered my iPod back with its new battery and the new speakers for my Polo.

Set too with a plan to fit the speakers, went to Maplin for some connectors, popped across to fill up my Mum's pill box for the week and popped into Sainsbury's  to pick up the headphones I bought for £7.99 from Sainsbury's online, delivered to the store free.  Same headphones are £15.99 on the shelf in Sainsbury's?

Got home and spent an hour cutting cable and fitting the speakers.  Then drove to Chipping Norton to deliver Rob's birthday card (forgot to tell you I bought a card in Sainsbury's too).   On the way back from Chippy one of the speakers ceased to function, is no longer a speaker, is dead.  Came back into the house and switched on a computer to email the supplier.  Then I felt very tired, went and laid down on the bed and have just woken up after 2 hours sleep.

I thought I had hit the good bit.  I thought I was going to last all day.  Then it just hit me, like a sleep wall.

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