Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Coolest Dog In The World

Lucky is here, you can't beat a bit of pet therapy.  If you locked your wife and your dog in the car for 20 minutes which one would lick you and want attention when you let them out?   I will leave mine on the sofa.

Feeling OK today.  Went to bed about 10:00 pm and slept through until 3:00 am.  Then the chemicals started again, needed to hydrate which then results in needing to empty, so up on the hour every hour through til 8:00, when I gave in and got up.  Since then I have eaten breakfast, taken my dose of tablets, cleared up my emails and walked to the bottom of the garden and back.   Not taken any anti-nausea drugs today, planning to see how it goes, just about to have some lunch.  Baguette, polish sausage and some left over new potatoes.  Weird combination, but that's what's here and I fancy.

Will have to pop out this afternoon to see my mum and fill up her pill box, everyone else is on holiday!  Not planning to do much else though.

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