Friday, 31 August 2012

Much better today

Well, taking it easy and keeping hydrated has worked.  Much better today, feel almost normal. 

As a result I have been busy this morning.  The district nurse came and flushed my picc line and changed the dressing.  She was amazed at how positive I am about it (she didnt' see me earlier in the week :-)).  I still believe there is no point being anything other than positive about it, even when it's getting me down.  The Chemotherapy and my attitude are going to beat it.  I am going to win.

After the nurse had been I popped out and bought a new radiator fan switch for the Polo and fitted it.  The new one still doesn't cut in until 110C, so that must be when they are supposed to cut in.  I am going to fit a manual over ride switch on the dash so I can turn the fan on as soon as the temp goes above normal.  Went to Maplins and bought a gorgeous chrome switch with a blue LED in the end to show it's on.  Was going to wire it up this afternoon, but I will see how it goes as I will need cable and I am not sure I feel like more shopping.

Sharon and Lauren have a haircut in Cambridge tomorrow, think I might go with them.  Don't need a haircut, but a trip out would be fun, and they won't make me drive, so I can sleep in the car if I need to.

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