Monday, 20 August 2012

Cycle 2

Arrived at The Churchill Hospital at 8:35, walked up to the ward for just befre 9:00 as I had been told a 9:00 start.  Ali was back looking after me, same as cycle 1. She took me to a bed and said she would let me know as soon as we were ready to start.   Well it is is now 13:15 and nothing has happened.  I chased Ali down the corridor about 11:15, after I had sent Sharon away and sat and read for a couple of hours.  She says there has been a hold up making the chemo drugs and they are now due for delivery around 14:00. 

The whole point of the early start on the Monday was to see if I could get out at a reasonable time on the Wednesday, that doesn't seem possible now.  Ali is very apologetic, I don't think it is her fault though.   I am now pretty fed up, which makes staying positive more difficult. 

I spent some time this morning working out how long I have spent waiting for consultants, drugs, doctors and nurses.  That was too depressing, but lets just say I could have spent another whole day doing things I enjoy.  If it carries on like this through all 6 cycles the NHS will owe me 6 days.  I wonder if I can get a NI rebate for it?

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