Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I know, you thought I'd given up.......

No, just havent got round to writing anything since my trip to see Vinchristine the Chemo Queen on Monday.  But a lot has happened.

Whilst with Christine the nurse asked if I had had any infections in the previous week, I mentioned the stinking cold I have had.  The nurse said I should see my GP.  So I emailed my GP and asked if a miracle cure for colds had been invented since I last went to see a doctor about a cold or if I would be wasting her and my time going to see her.  She replied by phone on Tuesday, encouraging me to go and see her or one of her colleagues asap.  So I booked an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. 

Saw Dr Amar, who was fantastic.  After a chat he said he really wanted me to have some blood tests so he could check my white blood cell count, evidently if it is too low a cold quickly becomes very serious.  So after establishing that blood from the PICC line in my arm was a job for the district nurse and wouldn't happen until the next day, he got out the needle and took it himself, put it in the sample envelope and I dropped it off at the path labs at the Horton Hospital on my way home.  He then rang me at 9:00 pm to tell me everything was OK!   I say, that is well beyond the call of duty and another great example of the NHS being full of fantastic people doing the best they can with the resources they have available.  OK, I'm sure, that like any large organisation there are slackers and malingerers, but I haven't met any yet.

fairly quiet day today, took a trip to Jobcentreplus to get a verified copy of my birth certificate to send off to the Dept of Work and Pensions for my ESA claim.  That was fairly painless too, couldn't possibly tell you what the lady in front of me produced from her handbag whilst looking for her passport, but do remember to ask if you see me in person.

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  1. Awwwww....not sure i want to know!!, amp & andy are so glad you seem so bright, Guernsey pals over next week....will be in touch and see if we can get something organised just us 'all' together x