Sunday, 5 August 2012

That was the weekend

Friday was a bad start.  Sore throat, Sharon wanted to stay at home and nurse me and I sent her to work and the steroids were kicking me into depression mode.  But I fought, with help!  First people to thank are Charlotte and Amy, who work with Sharon.  They looked after her at work and supplied an M&S Chinese in a box for us to have for tea.  A picture of us eating may appear somewhere in the blog, but I have never mastered how blogger puts its pictures in.  Seems to have stuck it on the left.  Thank you very much Charlotte and Amy, great start to the weekend

As I have already said, went out in the car Saturday and the day was fairly normal.  Sunday revealed that I have a really sore patch on the skin at the top of my right leg, still got the bad throat and only had about 4 hours sleep.  Up at 6:00 am so Sharon and my sisters dogs could carry on sleeping in the bedroom without me disturbing them, lets see if I can get the dogs in as well.  There, a picture of Maisie and Mist who we have been dog sitting for the weekend.  Quite frustrating as I wanted to play with them, but had been cautioned to stay away from animals to avoid infection.

Went out this morning with Lauren and Ian, to Bicester Avenue Shopping centre.  Don't worry, I havent taken up shopping as a leisure activity, the MG Car Club Abingdon Centre had a display of cars there, some very nice metal out in the rain.  The lack of sleep and excursion to the shops really took it out of me and I slept through most of the Andy Murray gold medal game.  I am getting a bit Olympiced out, not much else on the telly, so normality is difficult to maintain when all you can watch is sport.  Must have a look round on the digibox in the morning and find Jeremy Kyle before I ring the Department of Work and Pensions to clam my ESA.

Back in for more Vinchristine chemotherapy tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Given that it's important to maintain a positive mental attitude, I am slightly nervous of you planning to both watch Jeremy Kyle and phone the DWP tomorrow - don't you think that one of those will be enough to require you to enter some sort of counselling?

  2. Skipped JK and went with the DWP. Somehow didn't feel like a real benefit claimant without watching JK though.