Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Getting excited

Looks like everything is on target for getting out of here about 6:30 pm tonight (Yipee!).

Had a good chat with one of my consultants team of doctors this afternoon.  She is trimming down my affair with VinChristine the Chemo Queen.  It seems the extract of periwinkle is killing the nerve endings in my fingers, so after some discussion we decided to cut out the top up doses. She also explained why my blood pressure is going up, to use engineering terms it seems my ignition stroke is stronger than my exhaust.  This combined with the impact of the chemo drugs on my heart causes the pressure to rise.  I am much happier now I have an explanation as well as a strategy for managing it.  Wasn't too happy with them just increasing the blood pressure drug dosage without telling me what was causing it.  It's the analyst/scientist/engineer/computer person in me, don't fix problems because you can without knowing why, fix problems you understand.  It seemed to me they were increasing the dosage because they could, not because they knew the cause and were working to remove it.

Nothing to do with chemo, but it's the view from where Lauren and Ian had dinner last night. Cheered me up.

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