Friday, 1 November 2013


Got up mid morning after Sharon and I had breakfasted together and felt really good after a shower. Decided to go and tidy up my outlook inbox and switched on the office computer. Sat in the chair about 5 minutes, my leg started to go numb and twitch, so I moved back to the bed, but it was too late. Another BIG pain attack which took about 2 hours (and loads of morphine) to get over.

I have been fine since. We had our oxygen installation checked and got answers to some technical questions. Also found out that we can visit anywhere in Oxfordshire and take the condensor with us. Watch out Oxfordshire.

Had a long chat on the phone with Mark. Really nice to catch up. Would quite like to see him, not sure that between us, we can be well enough to do that.

Andy called in to visit, really nice to see him. I don't think I have ever seen him sit in a chair so long and not fall asleep. Must have been the noise Sharon was making with the iron.

Sharon also cooked a fabulous lasagne for tea, which was just what I fancied and Lauren joining us made it even better. Would have liked a large glass of Chianti with it, but I am not sure how the other drugs would get on with it.

Since then I have laid on the sofa laughing at Friday night comedy with Lauren. Spoken to Simon on the phone and not moved much at all.

Bit concerned about the pain attacks. If they are bought on by sitting in a particular position will I be able to sit in the wheelchair or a car? I liked Andy's solution, borrow his American camper. Sharon didn't seem to keen to drive me round in it. Shame really as it has its own on board generator so we can take the oxygen machine..........
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