Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Latenight Blogging

Fell asleep on the sofa, so I haven't blogged. Sharon woke me up about 11:25 to take the evening cocktail of painkillers. Now wide awake watching tele and blogging.

District nurse came this morning she is happy with everything. She will leave it until next week to come again unless we call them for something.

Brian had been to see Andrew at Enstone, so he called in. We spent an hour or so going through my scriblings so far for the Auto Biography. Must type some more up.

I have managed to eat a slice of fruit toast, some pommebear crisps and some cheese. Not the worlds most nutritional food, but it's in and it's stayed in. My digestive system has been very loud with rumbles and groaning.
Mike came to see me after he had finished work at Vision. Really nice to see him. He had bought his laptop with video of his rally car out in south wales. It's a beast when you consider it is home built as a cheap fun car.

Fiona turned up whilst he was here, so for a while the talk was just high level chat. I need a more in depth discussion with Fiona about funerals. Let's hope she has time to pop back.

Falling asleep on the sofa has upset my body clock. Guess I will be awake for a while.
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