Monday, 4 November 2013

Motorsport it!

I was discharged from hospital with a folding backrest, that, I hoped, would enable me to sit up in bed whilst Sharon slept.  A quick test on arrival home said it would work if I was under 5'4" and weighed less than 10 stone.  Even extended and modified, it seemed unlikely to work for Sharon and me in bed together, but it had to be worth looking at for use on my own in bed as I have been trying to sleep with about 7 cushions.

So Andy had a quick look and Cornermotorsports went to work to produce this.
It comes complete with a Land Rover Station Wagon Rear Badge.  Does the job.

My GP, Dr Lourenco was here for about 45 minutes this morning.  We went through all the pain killer options and I think Sharon is clear on what I can have and what we should do if they don't work.  Have decided to start the Gabapentin tonight and she has left me a prescription for Dymazopan, lets see how it goes.

Sharon and I chatted and cried about music, format and speakers for my funeral.  The hospital chaplin got me thinking about it and it is starting to come together in my head.  Couple of other people I need to speak to, but it is getting there. 

Had another pain attack an hour or so after she went.  I got up, had a shower sat on the bed to put my socks on and away it went.  7.5mg of Oramorth overcame it and I then slept up until Mandi, my Macmillan nurse, turned up about 3:00.  We had a very productive session with Mandi, establishing what support will be available and how we access it.  We also completed my advanced care plan, which should keep me at home as long as I can be treated there without causing Sharon and Lauren too much stress.  We are all agreed that is the best place for me and we will do all we can to achieve it.  Mandi is in full support.

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