Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bed didn't work

Went off upstairs (much effort) and thought we had got the magic electric bed somewhere near the angle of the recliner. The distance between the back riser and the knee riser is all wrong though and after an hour I was in agony and couldn't breath. Took some oral morphine substitute. We had a play around and thought we had it better, but at about 4:00am I moved back to the recliner. Slept there until 5:30 then dozed through to 8:30ish when Sharon appeared with medication. So back on the recliner all day. I did struggle up to the bathroom to test the new toys and shower. Bloody hard work and took ages to recover.
I admitted to Sharon this afternoon that I think it has finally beat me. I am trying to fight and say strong but for the first time since it all started I don't feel like I can beat it. Even with the Oxygen at 4 litres an hour I feel breathless. Simply stumbling to the toilet leaves me breathless and takes ages to recover from. I have no appetite, if I do eat it is a struggle.

I will carry on blogging whilst I can.

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