Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Health professionals today.

Macmillan nurse and an occupational therapist today.

Spent last night downstairs on the recliner, went to sleep watching Tokyo Drift, managed to wake up and switch it off though. Slept from 12:15 through to 6:15 and then dozed for a couple of hours. Got up about 8:45 and dragged myself up the stairs. It was hard work, my lungs were really struggling.
Glynis(who used to work at John Matchetts) came round about 10:15, great to catch up with her.

After she had gone Mandi, the Macmillan nurse came in to see me. I had told her I wanted some straight answers and I got them. It is highly unlikely that I will get any better, the oxygen, blood clots and wobbly leg are here to stay and will get worse. We have reviewed all my pain killers and discussed the side effects of morephine. As a result she has got the GP to prescribe an alternative to morephine, oxycontin that will have the same pain killing effects without the side effects. Let's hope it works.

This afternoon the Occupational Therapist came in to offer loads of aids. We are having a riser for the toilet, a hand rail by the shower, a step to get to the bath, a seat in the shower nad a walking stick. I have asked for a basic un-tuned one I can then tune and customise myself.
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