Monday, 11 November 2013

Went to bed and ......................

I started off in bed last night, built a mound of pillows to get the same angle as the recliner chair and it all seemed good.  But within half an hour it had all fallen apart and I was uncomfortable, I re-arranged but couldn't get it right and about 1:45am I gave up and Sharon helped me move to the recliner where I got a good 6 hours sleep.

Got up and just about managed to get upstairs for a shower.  My GP rang just before I got in and asked if it was OK to pop round , she arrived just as I was drying myself.  She has put me on some anti-biotics just in  case I have a chest infection, upped the dose of Gavapentin pain killer alongside the slow release morphine, she was a little concerned about my hallucinations and doesn't want to increase the morphine.  I have to say, I have felt less pain today, felt more tired and been a bit queezy.

The GP left and I got dressed and sorted and went downstairs.  Rob turned up, great to see him, he wants to help, and I am sure we will find things he can help with.  Had a good long chat with Rob and he 'looked after' me whilst Sharon walked Lucky and made several phone calls.  He also coped with me throwing up, well beyond the duty of friendship.  So there you go Rob, you have already helped.

Karen and Kevin turned up just as Rob was leaving, I was getting tired by this point and I am sure I wasn't the best of company for Kevin whilst Karen and Sharon went to the post office and Sainsbury's.  Kept going all afternoon with a couple of dips.  Then Rebecca turned up as well, but I kept going.  Great to see Rebecca, her caring personality always lifts me.

So it has been a busy day, as well as all the visitors an over bed table and air mattress were delivered and loads of other things have been achieved, well done team.  I was worn out and dropped into a morphine induced snooze late afternoon.  Couple of weird points where I had a conversation about non-existent loaves of bread, but that's morephine.

Lauren and Ian have just called round to check we are alright :-) which we are.  Think I am going to sleep on the recliner tonight.

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