Monday, 18 November 2013

Seems like a long time

And lots will have happened. That will have mainly been doctors Macmillan nurses and Occupational Therapists. All very boring. So let's go with what I see as the highlights of the last couple of days.

Sharon has been sleeping in th front room with me. I am sure it is not very important to you, but to me it has been really comforting and re-assuring. She can get my breathing and heart rate down to a normal relaxed state with a 5 minute hug. None of the drugs do that.

We seem to have got the balance of the morphine free pain killers right. I haven't had any of the intense pain attacks recently and my hip is comfortable unless I do something stupid.

We have mastered using the wheelchair to go to the loo. This makes it easier for everyone and doesn't take me an hour to recover from. Sharon needs some manoubering lessons or the chair needs better wheels, but we haven't damaged too much.

Had another excellent foot massage from Aud yesterday and Sharon had a brief lesson. Sharon has been doing them anyway, but I am looking forward to her improved technique. It really does get the blood flowing in the lower leg, wish I had started them 18 months ago when the Vinchristine first started to hit them.

Right enough of this blogging, ought to at least pretend I have had some sleep.
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