Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Had a really good day. Woke up about 8:15 and was raring to go. Took my medication and the morphine kicked in. So I dozed until about 11:15 and then showered and got up

Aud and Ken came down to see us and I kept going. Aud is a qualified masseur, so I had a foot massage and Sharon had a back massage. We invited them to stay and eat with us, I tried to help the chopping with Ken in the kitchen but the pain started. Interestingly I noticed early, got flat out in the recliner took some oramorph and it didn't develop into anything more than a twinge. We enjoyed a team effort vegetable biryani.

After Aud and Ken left Simon turned up. I was in pain and realised I hadn't had any afternoon paracetomol. Got those down me with the dose of oramorph and dozed on the sofa whilst Simon chatted.

So I have been busy all day, not had a pain attack and kept going. Roll on tomorrow.
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