Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Good Bad Day

Felt OK first thing.  Woke about 5:30 am but went back to sleep.  Eventually decided to rise about 11:00.  Showered and got dressed and a pain spasm hit.  Dosed up on morphine and rode it out.   John and Geoff had both said they would pop in to see me, which means plenty of good motorsport chat.  John  turned up first and I was still upstairs at the end of the morphine.  We chatted for a while and eventually I summoned up the energy to get going.

I know Geoff through Land Rovers and John through classic trialling, but after introducing them to each other I discovered they have shared friends from the past. Had a good chat about trials cars, greenlanes and life in general.  They have both offered any help and support they can give, ranging from a phone chat to a lift through the deep snow we are promised to get to the hospital. It is so good to be surrounded by good friends.  Both asked if I was up to receiving visitors and I told them both, real friends like them are always welcome and I can always tell real friends to go home because I am in pain/tired/nauseous or what ever.

Sharon and Lauren were supposed to be going to the theatre in Oxford again, but I was a bit nauseous and sleepy and whilst I was asleep Sharon decided not to go and sent Lauren and Frances.  I told Sharon on Monday that there would come a time when she had to make decisions without me, I thought she might have got the first one rights and left me at home snoring and puking with Ian.  No, she made the right decision, she would not have been happy sat in the theatre having left me at home in that state.

Another real friend called in for a cup of tea, Chris.  He had been playing violin with Glyndebourne on tour in Norwich and was on his way to Oxford, but he found the time to call in and drink tea and chat.  He has promised to call in when passing.

After I was sick, I felt a lot better.  I bet you all wanted to know that.  We have got the doctor to prescribe a stronger laxative as I have run out of room to eat anymore.

Andy was working at Vision today and rang me and passed me round the A team who were on duty.  Great to catch up with them and they miss my smiling positive attitude.

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