Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Another day, more pain, more sleeping.

I did 5 hours un interrupted sleep last night and then dozed for a couple more hours. Was feeling pretty good, the different pain killers were making an impact. They have changed the feeling to a dumb ache rather than its previous sting.

After showering and dressing the big pain kicked off. I dosed up on morphine and stayed in bed. Penny turned up, as expected, and had to watch me thrash about and mutter through the morphine. She does a good line in nursing though, so she has been added to the standby carer list.

Spent the early part of the afternoon in a morphine mist. Got up about 15:30, Lauren called in and sat with me whilst Sharon went to the building society. I am putting all my accounts into joint names to make things easier in the future.

Also had several phone calls, emails and facebook messages offering help and support. Thanks to all of you. We will be making use of your offers.

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