Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bad night, but great day.

I struggled through the night, the tumour was grinding on my bones and I think I may have lost some of the background pain killer when I threw up. Anyway I did get a few hours sleep here and there in between thrashing about in pain. Unfortunately I kept Sharon awake as she was worried about me and is in charge of dispensing my morphine.

Today we have changed to the slow releases morphine which are 10mg and mean I am on morphine all the time and if that doesn't overcome the pain I can top up on oramorph. Going to start the stronger laxatives tonight as the current ones aren't working.

We were both up reasonably early but I couldn't move much until Sharon reminded me I was expecting visitors. Lucky, the world's coolest dog, has come to stay and Graham and Pat were making the trip from Stoke to see me.

Lucky turned up about 10:15, I was still in bed, but up by the time Graham and Pat arrived around 11:00. We had a pleasant time chatting, eating a light lunch and drinking coffee. Lucky enjoyed laying on the floor cushion snoring.

The day was topped off with a visit from Andy, who was on his way home from Vision and bought chocolate. There will only be a couple in the box I fancy, but I am sure there will be plenty of help with the rest.

Hope tonight is better.
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