Friday, 8 November 2013

Not much to report

Fairly sleepy day. Had a shower, went back to bed, got up before lunch. Lauren has re-arranged her work hours so she can be free Friday afternoons. So she came round to keep an eye on me whilst Sharon popped into town to sort out bank accounts and do some odds and ends. She is such a good girl.

We finally got confirmation from the hospital that I didn't need to go to an appointment at 4:00 today, they would call me instead. Dr Pratap rang about 7:15. I reported all my new symptoms and changes but she made little comment. She has discussed me with the doctor at the hospice and there may be a radio therapy option that could offer some pain relief. I showed great disinterest and even less when she said it has about a 25% success rate. I don't think it is an option we will be pursuing. We have left it that she won't be seeing me in clinic unless I ring and make an appointment.

So, it looks like I am in the care of my GP, my Macmillan nurse and the hospice.
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