Sunday, 3 November 2013

Another one that was all going so well.

Up at a reasonable hour.  Abluted, I have even got my bowels moving a bit past all the morphine.  I know you probably didn't need to know that, but it is the chemo blog and it is about my health/lack of it.  So I was feeling good and listened to The Strypes album.  Fances and Oliver came round, was good to hear a bit about Oliver's trip to NASA and I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing more.   Made Frances 'OOOO' and 'Cor' a bit by going through some of the pictures I have started collecting for the Auto Biography, which I will write some more of next time I feel good.

About 15:45 we decided to make the wheelchair and gas bottle expedition over to Mum's.  All went well with organising and loading, Sharon nearly tipped me out down one of the kerbs but we will get the hang of it.  Then whilst at Mum's the pain started.  Now, if I can't sit in the wheelchair without going into severe pain getting out and about is going to become a BIG issue.  Decided to come straight home, dosed 2.5 mg of morphine before leaving and Sharon pushed me home, by which time I was in agony.  Straight up the stairs and onto the bed.  After 30 minutes the morphine still wasn't kicking in, so I had another 5mg.  Sharon rang 111 to get advice on how much morphine I can use and what alternatives there are.  Lauren turned up as expected and she held my hand whilst Sharon was on the phone.  Eventually, either the morphine kicked in or the pain went, I don't know which.  In the middle of it all I had to sit on the loo again and hoped that this might give a clue as to what causes the pain, but no such luck.  Slept for a bit to get over it and then got up and eat a very small roast lamb dinner, feeling pretty good again by 7:30 pm.

My Macmillan nurse is coming tomorrow, we have lots of questions for her and hopefully my GP will be doing a home visit too, so there will be lots of painkiller questions for her.

If I can't cope with the wheelchair across to my Mum's I will have to go to my hospital appointment on Friday by ambulance.  Not a thought I relish.

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