Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pattern Emerging.

Felt good. Got up. Dispatched Sharon and Lauren for a haircut and Ian turned up to babysit me (which he did an excellent job of, he can come again).

Showered, got some clothes on and made it to the sofa. After a while the pain and the cold sweat set in so I went back to bed. Ian joined me, not in bed you fools, upstairs and did an excellent job of measuring the morphine, had he not been here I would have been drinking it from the bottle.

He also took the phone calls and txts from all the people checking I was OK without Sharon, thank you all. Everything calmed down again in about an hour and we moved in front of the tele to watch a DVD about Tony Pond lapping the Isle of Man TT circuit with an average speed over 100mph in a Rover Vitesse. Awesome piece of driving.

My brother and his other half turned up mid afternoon and we sat and chatted about new houses, moving house and many other things. Really nice to see them again. Sharon and Lauren got back about 5:30 and joined us. Norman and Lesley left and Lauren and Ian went home to test their newly installed gas cooker.

Simon turned up for a cuppa and a chat. Sharon cooked us up some sweet and sour chicken and rice. Everyone has gone now and we are on the sofa having a hug. Some people want so much from life. I am pretty happy with what I have got. Who could ask for more than a loving family, caring friends and a daughter who's boyfriend makes excellent lemon tea.
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