Thursday, 31 October 2013

It was all going so well, and is again now.

I know many will have seen the pictures already on facebook, but I have to share this with blog readers.  Here is Martine's Tribute to yesterdays great escape from Chateau Churchill

Some people are clearly too talented with a sharp knife.  Must be all the nipe and tatty peeling.

Started today off fairly well with a bit of a lie in and a shower.   Lazed around in my new suite with Sharon popping in for a hug between jobs.  She went shopping whilst I was still snoozing and we had pain au chocolate and lemon tea as breakfast in/on bed.

Lauren was round by lunch time as she has an ICT test tomorrow for her NVQ.  The past exam papers we have found say it isn't an ICT test at all, it is a how to work Microsoft Office test.  She has just suggested as she left this evening that she tells them she will only be able to do the test if they supply an Apple Mac.  We went through the questions and updated her knowledge of Excel absolute addressing, values, formats and stuff.

Penny, Ray, Elliot and the dogs came over to see us, they had been to do Mum's shopping and spend some time with her then called on us for a cuppa.  Really nice to see them, Elliot always makes me smile.  He seemed a bit shocked by my oxygen tubes and hacking cough, but took it all in his stride.

Sharon, prepared biryani for tea for about 7:00.  I went upstairs for some drugs and a survey of the bathroom about 6:30.  Came down with Lauren about 6:45 and went straight to a dinning room chair.  After a few minutes in the chair I was uncomfortable and moved to stretch out on the sofa.  Then some one got hold of my tumour, my left hip and my left leg and put 10,000 volts through them.  I have never felt pain like it.  It hurt more than my car crash, more than any sporting injury I have ever inflicted on myself and more than I ever want anything ever to hurt again.  I thrashed around, crawled up stairs and thrashed around more.  It was agony.  Sharon rang triage, they assessed me and said they would ring back, I got worse, Sharon rang them again.  They said to take more Oramorph pain killer, call the emergency doctor service, get limb function checked, get them to see if nerve blocker was required.  I took more Oramorph and that took the edge off enough to stop me writhing about and to calm my breathing back down.

It was really weird, I was flat out on the bed, my toes were spasming, my knee was bending and my foot kicking, but it wasn't me doing it and I couldn't feel a thing from my thigh down.  I my groin and hip the pain was excruciating. The emergency doctor turned up and I was so relieved to find it was one of my old GPs who has retired and just moonlights a bit.  I needed a friendly face and some caring words.  He examined me, and concluded that the tumour had trapped the nerve group that operates the leg against my hip bones in my groin.  The relaxation of the morphine and the thrashing about had freed them back up.  He checked me over and we chatted about what to do if it happens again and things settled back to normality.

By 9:30 pm I was back downstairs and tucking into biryani with a nice bit of carrot cake to follow.  Lets hope that overcomes the morphine's constipation impact.

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