Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Yuk, Yuk, Yuk

This new chemo is slaying me.  Sat around all day yesterday doing nothing much.  Went out in the evening as we had tickets for West Side Story in Oxford.  I thought the walk from the car to the theatre and up to the circle was going to finish me off.  Feet and legs were numb in the cramped seats of the circle, fortunately I got to stand up through the interval.  You could get DVT up there.

The performance was brilliant.  I have always liked West Side Story, good tunes, good story and meaningful content.  I was a bit surprised that they finished with Toni being shot and there was no musical finale.  The MD ran straight from the pit to the stage and they all took curtain calls but the orchestra were packing up and on their way to the pub.  I used to go to West Side Story when it was the late show at The Arts Cinema in Cambridge.  A group of us used to go when it was a good film rather than late night horror.  Saw Easy Rider several times, Duel once or twice, West Side Story several times and many obscure foreign films and American B movies.  West Side Story often became a 'sing along' performance as most of us had been to the pub before hand.

Today I have been feeling grotty.  Didn't rise from bed until around 11:00.  Walked over to Mum's.  On the way there I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it, breathless, sore and woozy headed.  Sat down with her for half an hour and took a very slow trip back.  Had hoped to take the carb off the Skoda and start stripping it, but just the effort of finding the tools and taking the wheels off the engine cover was beyond me.  Shame really as Ian was looking forward to double driving the OMC autosolo on Sunday at Silverstone, but I think we are too late for an entry now and there is no way I will get it done or be in a fit state to drive competitively if the chemo carries on like this.  I do hope things get better.

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