Thursday, 31 October 2013

In Some Ways The Best Night Ever

And in some ways the worst.

We got home from Château Churchill with Lauren doing the getaway driving. She was on the speed limits all the way and we avoided the end of Oxford rush hour by going the back way. It still used the oxygen bottle up to its red reserve mark on the dial. That doesn't make the range on one bottle much then.

Ian was at home and cooking tea, little bit of steak and a few chips. Bliss. Lauren and Ian have been fantastic support. They have cooked for Sharon and had snuck round to install a telly and square round the front bedroom for me and my Oxygen. We had discussed the fact that I could live upstairs in the front bedroom with the bathroom on hand and Lauren and Ian just made it happen. At the moment I can do the stairs, as long as I take it gently, but I don't want to be running up and down them all day.

I went to bed in the double bed with Sharon. We played around with the back rest and I thought it would be fine. However, about an hour after we went to bed I had to move to the front bedroom. I know it sounds mad, but I was scared in the dark, the anxiety was making my breathing shallow and that was affecting my oxygen levels. I stood up for a while, then sat on the bed and then sat up in the bed, soon felt better. I left the bed side light on and have dozed pretty well all night.

I guess I will get used to the oxygen system and sleeping with it on, but in the dark last night it just scared me. I was anxious about getting tangled in the pipe, the 'nose specs' falling out and Sharon getting bashed by the bed frame. It is never dark in hospital, there are always lights in the corridor and outside the window. At home, last night, it was DARK.

On my own, in the front bedroom, with a bedside light on I felt safer and dozed a good nights doze. That also meant I wasn't bouncing around next to Sharon, so she had a fairly good night too.

So, some good, some bad and things will get better.
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