Friday, 25 October 2013

No better physically, but lifted mentally

I have felt pretty grotty all day today.  I got up and had a shower, then had to go back to bed to recover from the effort.  I left a message on Dr Pratap's answerphone about 9:30 and she rang me back around 12:30.  Had a great conversation and established that I get a break from chemo from tomorrow until Friday.  We talked about the breathlessness and the blood results from yesterday.  I am not anaemic, which is good news, but they may have found a chemo drug my body won't tolerate.  The toxicity will make me breatless and tired.  So we are stopping tomorrow, seeing what happens next week and reviewing next Friday at the appointment I already have.

I hope I feel better.  We can then look at reducing the dose and other strategies.  I also got  a copy of the letter from my oncologist to my GP.  It doesn't tell me anything I hadn't already heard but seeing it all together and reading the tone makes it sound even worse.

We popped across to Mum's and Sharon went and did her shopping whilst I went through some boxes of photos looking for pictures for the Auto Biography.  I have found a few and Sharon is sat on the sofa looking for interesting stuff in our photo albums.  I haven't felt like writing today though.

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  1. Sorry to hear it Graham. Keep buggering on. (Churchill?) Or to put it another way, again Churchill, when you;re going through hell, KEEP GOING!!