Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bad days too many

This morning I was tired and breathless. As I go to bed I am tired and breathless.

In between I have slept on the sofa, spoken to my Macmillan nurse and been to my GP. Sharon was very concerned about my breathlessness and tiredness. She read the chemo side effects leaflet and was concerned I might be becoming anaemic. So I rang triage at The Churchill. Jo was very helpful and instead of the 'get straight in here' I expected she said to ring the GP, get them to listen to my chest and take bloods and talk to the oncology registrar if they were concerned.

Rang the GPs and got an 18;10 appointment having explained it all to a very helpful and understanding receptionist. Sharon gave me a lift, but an accident had closed the road so I had to walk the last bit.

The doctor needs some patient care lessons from the receptionist. It wasn't my usual GP, she said there was no point taking blood as there was no one to take it to pathology and she seemed to have no understanding of how the oncology triage system works. She wanted to know why they hadn't taken blood when I phoned them earlier! Blood over the phone, there's an idea.

I told her I would take the bloods over to pathology. She complained my veins were too small and then had to go in both arms before she got enough. I had to remind her she was supposed to listen to my chest too. She did that and then offered me some antibiotics. I asked if she thought I had an infection and she said no, so I declined the antibiotics. She said it makes some people feel better if they get some antibiotics.

The walk across to the pathlab left me exhausted and sore. Sharon picked me up from there and we went home. For tea.

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Hope tomorrow is better.
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