Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Just seen a man in the bathroom.

I just glanced in the bathroom mirror whilst dressing after my shower. What I saw made me look again. This is the first time in all this cancer malarky that my self image has had a serious update. Until this morning I have always seen the same happy go lucky, fairly strong and active Graham. Today I saw a tired elderly looking bloke with slightly grey skin struggling to stay upright next to his portable oxygen supply.

This has just been compounded by an attack of double vision whilst the nurses were changing my canular dressing. This is evidently a symptom of oxygen depletion and I am now back on the oxygen mask instead of the nasal specs as the mask can deliver more oxygen. Situation to be reviewed in 30 minutes, but vision is back immediately and I feel a lot better again.

Unfortunately I don't think this going to help with me getting out sooner rather than later.

The nurses wanted to cheer me up this morning so they made balloons for my oxygen stand.
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