Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Things are moving along.

Had a meeting with a doctor, the palliative care nurse and my ward nurses. The doctor seemed a bit shocked at my determination to get home, but once she got over the shock she bought in and everything is underway.

I have demonstrated to the physio that I can walk up and down a flight of stairs. I love the way the physiotherapist's uniform is designed to look like athletics gear and they get jobs like making sure old gits like me can make it upstairs to the bog.

Occupational therapist has just been in and talked about stuff to help at home. Looks like a pee bottle and a frame to keep me upright in bed are top of the list. She offered me a perching stool to use in the kitchen and bathroom but I said not to bother as I have one in the garage I use sometimes when working on cars. She is also getting the paperwork for a blue badge. NO ANDY YOU CANT TAKE ME EVERY WHERE WITH YOU TO MAKE PARKING EASIER!

Expecting the respiratory nurse to come and see me. If she can sign it off before 6:00 today the oxygen can go in tomorrow, otherwise it will be Thursday.

Things are looking up.
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