Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sorry I haven't blogged

It has been a really busy week.  I have been busy getting the Skoda ready for The Edinburgh Trial, which was yesterday.  Unfortunately we had to retire about a third of the way in with a blocked carburettor.  I took it off and cleaned it out, but by the time I had done that the course closing car had passed us and we had to retire.  After cleaning it we got her going again, I drove round the car park twice and all seemed well.  Then we loaded up with the intention of heading for home.  Got two hundred yards and she died again, I have no idea where the muck is coming from, it appeared to be grass seeds. I could understand that in the air side of the carb, but how do they get in the fuel jets and past the two inline filters?????

Had a phone call from Dr Pratap on Friday evening at the end of her clinic.  My blood results from this week show that my kidneys still are not working correctly.  I have a scan booked for Tuesday so she can have a look at what is going on.  She wanted to see me this Friday, but we are off to Jersey for a few days, so we have agreed to meet on 18th.  I doubt it will be good news.  The pazobanib isn't having any immediately apparent side effects, but it didn't last time either.

We went to Banbury Canal Day today.  As I wouldn't be able to walk into town and back we decided to go on the bus.  Sharon sat next to an elderly lady who was happily singing outloud.  Then on the way back Sharon sat on a seat that was soaking wet with who knows what.  The joys of public transport.

Not sure what technology I will be taking to Jersey, so blogging may be a bit sparse for the next 10 days or so.  If anything exciting happens at the PET scan on Tuesday I will let you all know.

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