Monday, 21 October 2013

Good weekend, bad Monday

We had another great weekend in Dorset. Went straight down after my hospital appointment. Was a fairly good trip, even if we did hit Salisbury rush hour.

Lauren and Ian came down much later and had booked the Weymouth Premier Inn. We all breakfasted together at Sharon's Dad's. We were planning to go into Weymouth but the newspaper were predicting crowds of 15,000 for the beach moto-x. So we went to Lyme Regis instead.

I like Lyme Regis and we walked all the way along the prom from the town to The Cobb. We called in at the amusements, there was no table football table so Ian and I were forced to win a game of 2 a side air hockey instead. We also stopped in a cafe for cake an hot chocolate. I am fed up of green tea, no sugar and loads of green veg. The scan results show the tumours have still been growing after a couple of months of strict diet. So I have taken the advice of my oncologist and am eating what I fancy. I fancied hot chocolate and apple and fig cake.

We walked back and the girls went up the hill for a look at the shops and Ian went to get the car. I had reached my limits of exertion. I get very sore internally if I walk too far and very breathless if I go too fast or uphill. The steroids were also getting to me with some bursts of tunnel vision and feelings of anxiety. The vision thing I can do nothing about, the anxiety I know is the steroids and my brain is strong enough to deal with it.

We got back to a typical Frank roast dinner followed by pumpkin pie, apple pie and treacle tart. I just had apple pie.

Sharon and Frank wanted to watch Match of The Day, so I went off to bed and left them to it. The steroids also upset your sleep. It is a bit like caffeine, I slept, but never very deeply and only in short bursts.

Sunday was wet and miserable. Frank had organised a family lunch at the Victoria Inn. It was pleasant, well priced, pub grub. The company was excellent, the conversation fun and we were the last to leave around 4:00 pm. We called in to see Tess and Ian before popping back to Frank's.

I came home with Ian and Lauren as Sharon has meetings today with solicitors and social services about the will she is executor to.

I woke up at 8:00 this morning and took my chemo. I was planning to get up about 9:00 and take my steroids with breakfast but that plan went wrong. I thought it was just gone 9:00 when Graham T rang me, but when I came off the phone it was gone 10:30. I felt very sick, so I guess the steroids do help combat the impact of the chemo. Lesson learned, take the chemo, eat, take the steroids.

Feeling a bit better now, don't know what I fancy for lunch, don't feel like doing very much. I am cooking chicken and chorizo paella for tea, Lauren and Ian are still waiting for their cooker to be delivered.

I know facebook friends saw the picture yesterday, but I think it is good enough to share with all the blog readers too.

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