Saturday, 1 December 2012

Gradually coming to terms with yesterday's news.  Basically it means I am in the same place as I was in May this year only then I didn't know I had cancer.  So I am no worse off than when this all started, the current tumour may be something else, experts are meeting on 10/12 to discuss me and I will know what is happening after then.

Cheered myself up earlier by sticking  the 3 pictures Sharon took of Chichester Cathedral together.  I think they make a great picture and Autostitch is a great little utility for those of us that don't have those up to date cameras and phones with Panorama mode.

Have decided on a quiet day in today.  Got to go and get some food for Sharon to survive on whilst I am at Hotel Churchill, but other than that I am not doing much at all.  Sharon is busy getting jobs off her ever over ambitious list.  I have thrown all lists away.

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