Monday, 10 December 2012

Multi-discipline team have met

Well the meeting went ahead this morning and they discussed me.  As a result the surgeons want an MRI scan before they open me up again, which I should get an appointment for before Christmas, the surgery will take place after Christmas, Chemotherapy will go ahead over Christmas and my appointment with Radiotherapy will go ahead on Friday.  At least I know what is happening now.

Dr Pratap rang me this evening to tell me the outcome of the meeting, which was good of her and has cheered me up a bit.  I hate not knowing what's going on, even if it's not good, I'd prefer to know.  been on a real downer today and struggling to find the motivation to do anything.  Not surprising, the main thing I have to do is sort my tax return out.  You would think HMRC would give cancer patients a tax return holiday wouldn't you.  Anyway, felt pretty down, managed to get going and went to sort out Mum's medication she had run out of.  Got back, was eating some lunch and had a call from the careline, Mum had fallen over, nothing serious and the Warden was on their way over to help her up.

Mum had fallen over on her way to the loo.  She had waited on the floor for the warden, been helped up and put back in her chair.  The Warden seems to have failed to notice that Mum had been to the loo whilst on the floor waiting to be helped up and left Mum in the chair in her own excrement.  The Warden also got stroppy with me for turning up, saying they can handle it and I don't have to go running over.  I hadn't gone running over, I had finished my lunch and walked over, I don't run anywhere at the moment.  Got Mum cleaned up, fortunately Sharon turned up and helped, the combination of Chemo and cleaning up was challenging my anti-sickness drugs.  I am going to fall out with the Warden over at the flats soon.  I could do without her grief at the moment, she still hasn't managed to get Mum's front door fixed and laughed when Sharon got shut in the bin room because the door handle there doesn't work.

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