Saturday, 15 December 2012


Early start again and earlier than expected as Lauren rang and asked us to pick her up from home.  Puts a bit of single track cross country dash onto the route and I was driving.  Missed a turn in Cropredy and had to go LWRT, but we got to Cambridge in time to use the Park and Ride.  Plan B was I dropped the girls off and then went and parked.

We were in the hairdressers by 10:30, the girls were having a colour and Vince said I had 2 hours to spare.  Walked round the Grafton Centre and then walked across to the city centre.  Can't tell you on here what I bought, as it might have been your Christmas present.  I was going to go back via King Street  and have a beer in The Cambridge Arms or The Champion of The Thames, but I decided there would be nobody I knew in either, it's 22 years since I have been in, and drinking on my own would be sad.  So I walked back via Boots and got 3 meal deals for our lunches. 

Back at the hairdressers for 12:30 and in the chair 10 minutes later.  Not sure if I have done the right thing, I have had my beard trimmed and what little hair I have cut back to a number one.  It is the first time I have had it cut since chemo started, it seems to be growing again but what is growing is very soft and fluffy.  Lets hope it recovers after chemo.  Lauren has gone for a very stunning mahogany colour and an angular bob.  I think it looks very Jessie J.

We called to see Mark and Pam, Mark was in bed when we got there.  He's not a well man and it appears the new medication is no better than the old stuff.  He did get up and once he woke up he seemed quite good.  I hope there is someone in the NHS somewhere who can work out what the problem is and cure it, or at least bring him some normality.

Left them about 5:00 pm and I drove back.  I love driving, it occupies my mind and stops me from thinking, but whilst I am doing it my mind seems to process everything in background and I feel better after.  Did about 200 miles today having picked up and dropped off Lauren and I feel great for it.  Home via Sainsbury's for petrol and a bottle of wine to make chicken and Chorizo in a white wine and cream sauce.  Eaten washed up and now watching strictly on the digi recorder thingy.

Lots of running around and jobs to do tomorrow, so off to bed at a reasonable time, but I have had 2 caffeinated coffes today, so I might not sleep.


  1. Good day! Well done. You never did have any real hair, Graham, so no need to fret over its recovery, I suggest. Just as long as you get back to your old self, we can cope without a full bushy mop on your bonce.



    PS i am in Saffron Walden this weekend, could have had that beer with you.

  2. I did have real hair once Mike, just before youmet me. In my early 20s I was a hairdressers model and had some real trend setting haircuts. When I first moved to Banbury in 1990 I had enough for a pony tail, but then I started working for JML and either tore it out or lost it.