Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lazy Sunday

Late rising, but we used to stay in bed until Ski Sunday started sometimes when we were young, so maybe 10:30 was early rising.  Went across to see Mum and spent an hour going through my brother's India blog posts with her.  Had a bite of lunch and then we went out in the Land Rover to see Andy and Cheryl.  Ed was there as well, so a good catch up.  Realised I haven't actually seen them for 6 weeks, just spoken on the phone.  I also haven't moved the Land Rover for 6 weeks.  Tyres were a bit square and the handbrake stuck on, even though I left it off.

Home and roast dinner is going in the oven, decent square meal before hospital food starts.  Preparing myself mentally for 3 days at Hotel Churchill, hope I get a single room.

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