Friday, 14 December 2012

Rain Rain Rain

Early start to the day, the District Nurse was here at 7:55 as arranged.  Line flushed and dressing changed we were on our way to The Churchill to see the Radiotherapy consultant soon after 8:30.  Took the Polo as it floats better than anything else.  It was very wet out there.

Consultant appointment was running on time and fairly uneventful.  I wasn't expecting much today as they don't know when radiotherapy will start and wont until the surgeons have operated. Radiotherpy wont start until the scar from the operation is well healed.   We went through the process, how the planning session works and then how long the treatment lasts, talked about side effects and that was about it.  Sharon and I came straight back and went and did some Christmas shopping in Sainsbury's so we had presents to take to Cambridge tomorrow.

I popped in to see Mum, the doctor has been and can't find anything wrong with her, she took blood and will see if that shows anything.

I then took the Land Rover over to see Andy.  We went across to pick up his daughters truck from the garage.  It was raining so heavily it was a struggle to drive.  Driving home about 7:30 pm was very wet with standing water almost all the way.  But, the Land Rover just ploughed on through.  Driving it always makes me smile, it always feels like an adventure, it always feels like it will cope with anything, it always feels like it will go on for ever.  It is guaranteed to cheer me up.  Feeling really good this evening, looking forward to a trip to Cambridge tomorrow.


  1. Good good good. Enjoy Cambridge and the River Cam...and...Lauren? Xx

  2. Cambridge is where Sharon and I used to live Anna. We moved in 1990 but still go back every 6 weeks to get a haircut and see friends. Lauren will be 20 next March and she has never had her haircut by anyone other than my mate Vince.