Monday, 24 December 2012

All systems go

Christmas Chemo is about to start. Arrived at Hotel Churchill just after 12:00 having agreed that as arrival time with Becky at 8:00 this morning. Went through all the usual paperwork and Friday's bloods showed a high phosphate level. That meant we had to contact the Prof before starting. He said take more blood and check again. So blood was taken, sent to pathology and an hour later the results came back. Phosphates down to an acceptable level so I am now waiting for chemo to be plugged in.

In the mean time the PICC line dressing has been changed as it had a kink in it and we struggled to get blood out. Just had the first lot of chemo and the PICC line seems fine, so it has worked.

Sharon has gone to get me a TV card. She is treating me to £10 worth of telly. I don't normally bother with it when I am in, but it's Christmas and there might be something good on.

Merry Christmas blog readers.

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  1. And to you Graham......we will see you all when you are home...Christmas is just one day....and you can change it to whatever day you like x