Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Take Two

Well Christmas Take Two was great.  Lauren and Ian turned up early, unheard of.  Sharon and I were still over at Mum's so Lauren and Ian joined us briefly.  We all called into Sainsbury's to stock up on a few essentials and so Ian and I could have fish finger rolls for lunch (could be a new Christmas tradition).

After lunch we opened all the presents.  Thanks to everyone for the presents.  Lots of lovely stuff, books, toys and food.

The nausea was hanging around so I took some drugs, hope you read this Ali as you were nagging me not to suffer. The drugs worked and I cooked Chicken and Chorizo Paella for tea.  We had tapas style starters and fruit cake for afters, possibly another developing Christmas tradition.  

After a couple of days resting and not doing much I now feel a lot better than I did in hospital.  Rang my Dad today, he doesn't sound too happy or well and with Mum waiting to see the doctors at the Falls Clinic things don't seem good for either of them.   Why do we have to get old?  I would love to have been mid twenties for 60 years and then just stop.

The weather is getting to me, Sharon was looking at January holiday destinations earlier.  There is a possibility I may get a break in treatment in the new year before they operate again and I could really o with some warmth and sun.  What's Tenneriefe like?  I have always suspected it is full of all day breakfast cafes and Watney's Red Barrel bars. Anyone know anything about travel insurance for cancer patients?

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  1. Nothing helpful to say about insurance I'm afraid, but if Dad was grumpy then I guess he's OK really!! I've been to Lanzarote at New Year, long time ago mind; for warmth and a rest I'm sure Tenerife would be fine, just don't expect too much!