Monday, 3 December 2012

Round 7 Day 1

Checked into Hotel Churchill just after 1:00 pm. Rang just after 8:00 am and they said to be there about 1:00. So mooched about at home for the morning, Sharon went dog walking and then into town to do some Christmas shopping.

On arrival I was taken to bed 44 and the lovely Becky turned up with everything organised. The Doctors took a while to do the maths and chemo started for real about 4:30. Becky had arranged a single room for me, thought it was because I am her favourite but actually it was to save her having to walk all the way down the other end of the ward :-). Moved in about 5:30, there is something so nice about playing the radio without headphones.

Now tucked up in bed with a double drip pump filling me with chemo. Will probably be on the 2hr peestop schedule with the amount of fluid going in so its an early night for me as breakfast will be here around 7:00 and sometimes they come and take my blood pressure around 6:00. Night all.

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