Saturday, 22 December 2012


Not sure what happened there   It appears blog posts are like buses, nothing for a while then 3 come along.   Posted the Dorset post from my Blackberry in a patchy signal area and it seems to have sent it 3 times.  I have now deleted two of them.

Popped out this morning to see Tess and Ian, coffee and stolen, yum it must be Christmas.  Caught up on lots of family news.  Lauren rang to say they were in Dorchester and would meet us at Tess and Ian's, so they caught up with us too.   I then went with Lauren and Ian across to Rampisham.  Lauren had bought a fabulous flower arrangement to put on her Nan's grave.  We did a quick tour of Dorset on the way back through Maiden Newton and Compton Valence.  Sharon went straight back to her Dad's to help peel veg for tea.

Normality is good.  Got very emotional in the car on the way down yesterday talking to Sharon about graves and funerals.  I am not planning to die, but I feel better having had the conversation.  Driving did its stuff and normality returned with the concentration of the A34 and A303.  Not feeling great about 3 days in hospital, but it will be over in no time and normality will return soon after.

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