Sunday, 30 December 2012

Getting so much better all the time

Up at a reasonable time after my first decent nights sleep since Cycle 8 started.  I am sure it is the steroids as yesterday was the end of the reducing dose of dexameth and last night I slept from about 11:30 through until 5:00 and then went back to sleep through to around 8:00.  A decent night sleep makes the day feel so much better.

Think I have overdone it this morning though.  I have sold the Subaru and needed to get it cleared out and load the spares in to it.  As Chris plans to drive it home I also wanted to check the tyres and stuff.  Carrying wheels and a compressor up and down the drive and hoovering out the interior may have been too much for a man on chemo to take on.  I had to have a 'little sit down' after I finished.  It is all sorted now though and ready to go.

I will miss it, even though I haven't driven it since June, just sitting in it this morning reminded me why I love em.  It is the third Impreza I have had, I must have done about 300,000 miles in Imprezas and I love them nearly as much as a Land Rover.  When you want to be an old man cruising up the motorway, you can, when you want to nip across town, you can, and if you want to hoon it down a B road wagging the tail on every bend, you can.   On top of that, apart from servicing, you never have to do anything to them.  On the down side, £250 a year tax and 24 mpg if you are careful. 

They are also very strong.  I am convinced this one saved my life when a man in a Rover Coupe tried to run me off the road.  It will be the end of an era, I have had Subaru Imprezas for all the time Lauren can really remember.  This could be the end to family motoring.  Mind you, I have had Land Rovers that long too, so she will be alright.  

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